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Since inception, Team Canada has been about comraderie, building history, and enjoying the beautiful game. 

2016 was be the first year that Canadian physicians stepped out on the pitch against teams from Brazil, England, Australia, and Austria among others. Being a part of a historic team and being able to wear the Canadian flag on the pitch was an honour for all involved. In 2017 Team Canada played against the Ukraine (eventually 2nd place finishers), South Korea, Sweden, Russia, Argentina and Mexico with an international friendly vs. the USA known as the 49th Parallel Challenge. In 2018 the team traveled to the Czech Republic and played against the USA, Brazil, and Catalonia in the group stages. 2019 saw the Team field it's first ever Masters team in Mexico and the team placed 16th overall with matches against Germany, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Sweden, and Brazil during the tournament. 


The 2022 Tournament will be held in Mar del Plata, Argentina in September.  This is the tournament that was delayed from 2020 and 2021. 


The tournament is usually held in July of every year with additional training and charity events both in Canada and internationally including joint training sessions with the US Medical Soccer Team. Due to the temperature in Argentina - It will be held in September for 2022. 


The team plays in an 11 a side format in the Morell Cup championship and participates in the associated medical symposium has a Senior Team (Over-45) that participates in the Vogel Cup competition (7 a-side)  

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