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California 2023
Training &
Selection Weekend

World Medical Football Championship – A Rookie’s Experience


One of the highlights of this year for me is the opportunity to participate in the World Medical Football Championship! Having played football all my life, I still have the habit of not letting any important tournament I could participate in pass me by. I first heard about the WMFC from a friend and colleague who read an article about the last championship in Argentina and also happened to know one of the players from Saskatchewan. The news immediately stimulated my interest, so I decided to follow through. One email led to the other, and I ended up leaving home on my birthday for the trials in California.

Many of my lifelong friendships started in my childhood while playing football, barefooted on dusty, gravel side streets in West Africa. On joining the team, I heard there would be great camaraderie, new friends would be made, and old friendships rekindled. Quoting Paul “Arsenal is top of the League” Dhillon, “soccer is a unique unifier within the Canadian landscape.”

My first tournament (trials) during the Football Summit in California was a great testimony to these facts. The atmosphere was filled with excitement, and the team spirit was high. The more seasoned teammates were exceptionally welcoming, and our hosts, the Americans were gracious. Playing on semi-green grass outdoors was a welcome break from the icy/snowy prairies! The CME activity was well organized, with a lineup of interesting topics and excellent speakers. How can one forget the Taco truck waiting for us after the first game? The long line did not deter most of us from an opportunity to carb-load. Kudos to our American hosts for organizing a fantastic summit in California!

I look forward to seeing the Canadian Vogel “Geriatric Giants” and Morell teams excel in Austria, making new friends, and participating in a great, fun-filled tournament.


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